GQ not in style for Qoros


So that’s why, then. Remember last year, when we saw first shots of Qoros’ brand new passenger car? Remember its name? Yes, GQ3.

Which mysteriously lost its letters last week and became just Qoros 3 sedan.

All part of a new company’s development, some of us thought. After all, it had already been battling with Kia, which it took to court to ensure it couldn’t use the ‘Quoris’ name for a big new saloon over here. It won, too.

qoros interior
qoros interior

But now, it’s been revealed VW has forced the name change on Qoros (karma, etc). Apparently, the German giant has won a temporary court injunction in Hamburg, barring Qoros from using the letter ‘Q’ in GQ3.

That’ll please VW’s premium brand Audi, which is doing reasonable business with its Q3 SUV, thank you.

So now we have what in my eyes is a far neater solution anyway. Qoros 3 sounds much cooler. Keep it simple: there are more than enough Qs in the car world.

qoros interior #2It’s got me thinking, though. Is VW now to look at Infiniti’s new naming strategy with interest, too? Or, indeed, is that why we now have the oddly-named Q50 to rival the Audi A4 and BMW 3 Series, rather than something much more logical like, ooh, Q4? Or, um, Q3?

If only the Romans had foreseen this and given car makers a few more letters, huh.


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