New Volkswagen Beetle: Photoshop Villain, but now with less PT Cruiser

New Volkswagen Beetle
New Volkswagen Beetle

So the world has erupted into meh over the reveal of the ’21st Century’ Volkswagen Beetle. For what it’s worth, I kind of like the way it looks – as MrCynic said, it seems the designers have at least taken out of some of the PT Cruiser (by which I think he means to make it less tooth-achingly retro) – with the twin rear pipes and dashtop gauge cluster of the 200hp 2.0-litre turbo version backing up the added stance and presence.

But really, there is no excuse for this:

Already look dodgy enough, from a Photoshop Villains perspective? Just check this out:

If that isn’t, in fact, the same basic Beetle image photoshopped onto a different background then they are remarkably similar. Both images from the same set of official ‘photos’ on the international media site – it goes without saying.

But it also gets worse. This is the pièce de résistance, the very essence of Photoshop Villainy – a perfect example of why no self-respecting car manufacturer should ever indulge in this kind of work:

At first glance, it doesn’t seem so bad: the jacket, and the wall, and the grandstand – they almost look… natural. And then you look at the car, at the manipulation of the image, the way the over-productionised studio shot has been dropped onto the reality tarmac, and it’s just so horribly jarring. I want to find the person responsible for signing this off, and throw up on their shirt.


Other items of Beetle interest today? That VW has chosen to portray what was previously an undeniably girlie car on a race track is certainly cause for pause, but the concept of launching it in conjunction with a trifector of MTV music concerts smacks of desperation – officially ‘promoting’ (paying for?) #VWBeetle as a trend on Twitter, even more so. And why bother – this thing is going to sell like a popular beat combo at the height of their powers. Right?

Whatever. Perhaps even more intriguing is the Beetle’s position in the current Volkswagen line up. It occupies a similar market space to that of both the Volkswagen Golf and the Volkswagen Scirocco. Self-indulgence, or world domination? On second thoughts, maybe scratch the latter. Natch.


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