Nissan Leaf seeks solace in a bottle of scotch

Nissan Leaf seeks solace in a bottle of scotch

Nissan has had to firefight some fairly negative stories related to the all-electric Leaf* of late, what with those nasty men at Top Gear running out of charge and then the rumors of a £20K replacement cost for new batteries. Nice then to be able to report a more ‘fuzzy’ story about it being fuelled by whiskey.

Not directly of course. But it seems the Bruichladdich distillery on Islay has contrived a way of generating electricity from the production process and, by extension, a means of powering boss Mark Reynier’s newly delivered Nissan Leaf. Over to the Nissan press release for how this works…

“Pot ale, the watery waste product left over after distilling, is converted into biogas which powers a generator to produce electricity for the distillery. During the process, called anaerobic digestion, bespoke microbes digest the “pot ale” to produce large quantities of high-quality biogas.”

Very nice too and, so long as he doesn’t venture off Islay, Reynier have no fear of range anxiety either, the longest journey I could plot – taking in a tour of neighboring distilleries – would be just 50 miles or so, well within the capabilities of the Leaf. Going from the south-western tip of Islay, past Bruichladdich, over to Caol Ila on the east and then doubling back round to the south to take in Laphroaig, Lagavulin and Ardbeg you could then continue to where the road runs out at Ardtalla and sup a wee dram of each as the sun went down over Claggain bay.

All very worthy but not quite as exciting as the journeys recounted by Iain Banks in the brilliant Raw Spirit, in which the author rags around Scotland in various of his nice cars sharing various motoring/ whiskey related anecdotes along the way. A brilliant read, since ruined by Banks’ ill-advised eco conversion that saw him selling all his nice cars for … a Lexus RX hybrid. Idiot! All that petrolhead credibility sacrificed for the sake of 8mpg. Should’ve waited for Iain and enjoyed a carbon neutral whiskey tour. Hit a distillery, neck a few drams and then sober up while the Leaf recharges on whiskey fumes. Hmm, actually that doesn’t sound like such a bad plan…

* You’ll note I didn’t capitalize Leaf like Nissan would have liked me to…


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